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Ready, set, bake? That’s right, Audi Allroad (C5 version) cookie/sandwich cutters are now available exclusively from Cut by Caschy. Now you can REALLY show off your obsession with your ride (like it wasn’t already apparent!) by baking allroad cookies or cutting allroad sandwiches. Our cutters are 3D printed and made from Nylon 680 which carries an FDA approval for food storage and handling. Specifically, Nylon 680 is manufactured to meet FDA 21CFR177.1500. PART 177 “INDIRECT FOOD ADDITIVES” POLYMERS Subpart B–Substances for Use as Basic Components of Single and Repeated Use Food Contact Surface. Although it is also dishwasher safe, unlike other Food Safe approved 3D printed plastics which maybe susceptible to deterioration due to dishwasher temperatures, we recommend washing with warm water and antibacterial dish soap after use. Air dry only please!

Note: we’ve achieved best results when baking cookies using a shortbread type of cookie dough or one that does not “melt” edges and therefore retains details while baking. The recipe can be viewed here: How to Bake (Easy! and Delicious!) Cutout Cookies with Neat Edges

Also note the mirrors are tricky to cutout however it is possible! Challenge yourself! 🙂

Tip: Add some icing or frosting to really make them pop!

Approximate dimensions: 3.4″w x 2.3″h


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